Water Features

Fresh Flowing Water Features

An inground swimming pool can be a fantastic addition to any backyard, offering a refreshing paradise for relaxation and entertainment during summer. However, with the addition of water features, you can transform your inground pool into a beautiful and luxurious retreat.

At JT’s Custom Pools, we can design and build various water features to soothe your soul and offer a stunning aesthetic appeal.

So, what is best for you? Take a look at a few water feature types to get an idea of your options, then contact us to learn more. We are located in Port Charlotte, FL. We service this area, in addition to North Port, FL, and the areas far beyond.

Types of Water Features


Waterfalls are classic, timeless, and never go out of style. The sound of water, softly or rapidly flowing, can create a wonderful atmosphere. In contrast, the cascading water adds a visual element only seen in luxurious resorts and now in your very own backyard resort.

Waterfalls are not stuck to the traditional rocks; they can be built in any material, shape and size to beautifully match the architectural style of your home architectural style and inground swimming pool design. And how about adding LED lighting to it? How amazing would that be at night?


Fountains are always popular and are perfect for any style pool, from traditional to modern, to rustic and tropical. They add elegance and sophistication and can be designed to match your poolscape seamlessly. They can be small or built as a dramatic display.


Bubblers are fun and playful water features for young children and pets if you have a sun shelf area for them to play. Small jets of water shoot up, creating a bubble effect. Add a bit of lighting, and they will look fantastic at night.

Spa Spillover

Spa Spillovers are fantastic if you have a spa integrated within the pool. It can create a seamless transition between the two. A spa spillover is a small waterfall flowing from the spa into the pool, creating a visually stunning effect. The water can flow at 360 degrees or be customized any way you would like. So what are you waiting for?

Deck Jets

Have you been to a kid’s waterpark and watched the children play happily under the high pencil thin streams of water? It is similar to what you can have in your backyard. Just imagine those high-arched streams of water coming from your deck and into the pool. Sounds fun. These are called deck jets.

Sheer Descents

These sleek and modern water features will surely add a touch of sophistication to your pool. Sheer descents are thin sheets of water that flow from a raised wall or other elevated structure, creating a smooth, consistent flow. Sheer descents can be designed in various widths and lengths and customized with different colors and lighting options.

Rain Curtains

What a unique and elegant water feature creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere. Rain curtains are typically installed above the swimming pool and comprise thin streams of water that fall from above, resembling a gentle rain shower. Like sheer descents, they can be totally customized in various widths, lengths, colors and lighting.


A pool scupper engineered to provide a visually appealing cascade of water under a wide range of flow conditions. The water flows out from a spout of any design from a pool spa, pool retaining wall or other features directly into the swimming pool. Scuppers are genuinely unique and are a fantastic addition to any backyard swimming pool.

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