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Pristine Pool Cleanings

JT’s Custom Pools is a Florida state-certified pool cleaning and maintenance company that has been providing top-notch services to pool owners in the Port Charlotte, FL, and North Port, FL, areas and beyond for years.

One of the reasons why JT’s Custom Pools is a top choice for pool owners is our commitment to excellent customer service and pristine pool cleanings that keep pools safe and beautiful to swim in. In addition, our cleaning team of experts stays up-to-date with the latest pool cleaning and maintenance techniques, ensuring pool owners receive the best possible service.

We offer many services to keep pools clean, healthy and well-maintained. This includes regular cleaning, chemical balancing, and necessary equipment repair or replacement. 

Our Pool Cleaning Tasks

Our swimming pool services can involve various tasks, depending on the pool’s needs and the owner’s preferences. Our services can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and one-time cleanings as well.

Here is a brief list of what our services cover.


Remove leaves, bugs, and other debris from the pool’s surface with a skimmer net.


Scrubbing the walls, floor, and steps of the pool to remove dirt and algae buildup.


Removing dirt and debris from the pool floor using a vacuum.

Algae Treatment

Treat the pool for algae growth if it is present.

Chemical Balancing

Adding chemicals to adjust the water balance and maintain a safe and healthy swimming environment.

Chemical Testing

Testing the water for pH, chlorine, alkalinity, and other levels to ensure they are within the proper range.

Filter Cleaning

Cleaning or backwashing the pool filter removes debris and maintains proper filtration.

Equipment Inspection

Checking the pool’s equipment, including pumps, heaters, and automatic cleaners, to ensure they are functioning correctly.

Water Level Maintenance

Keeping the pool’s water level at the proper height.

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