Pool Remodeling

Pool Remodels Built To Impress

Is your existing pool old and outdated and in great need of a fresh new look? Have you ever wondered how it can be transformed with pool remodeling services?

When a pool is remodeled and renovated, various things can be done to improve its functionality, appearance, and overall usability. The most common updates can be adding a spa, pool resurfacing, replacing tiles and upgrading pool equipment such as pumps, filters and other equipment to improve the pool’s efficiency and reduce energy costs.

Adding water features such as waterfalls, fountains, grottos, bubblers and others can enhance your new backyard experiences along with the latest LED pool lighting, bringing your pool experience to an entirely new level.

Our Pool Remodeling Process

When doing a total pool remodeling makeover we have strict guidelines we abide by to ensure you will get the best results.

We begin by draining any remaining water in your pool. Next, we start a process called “scratching,” where we grind the existing tile. We usually do this unless the pool has been resurfaced multiple times. In this case, we prefer to leave the existing tile as it is already waterproofed.

Following, we set your new tile. We will start grinding below the water line tile if you’re using new tile. Next, we check for de-laminating and open spots, which is crucial in making your new pool area. Finally, we fix and repair damaged areas and put all new returns and main drain covers in your pool.

We will then acid wash the pool and add a bond coat, which allows the new “plaster” to adhere correctly to the pool surface. Once this is resolved, we are ready for “plastering, ” a two-day process. On the first day, we mix the PebbleTec and hand-trowel it on the pool finish. On the second day, we acid wash the pool again and buff the new surface to fill the pool.

Depending on the size and water pressure, your pool may take 12-24 hours to fill. During this time, we ask that you not turn off your water; however, you may turn the water down overnight. Turning the water off can risk leaving a hydration ring around the pool. Your pool will take about 28 days to cure fully, and we’re with you every step of the way.

What Can I Expect

You Can Expect Dust

If you have items on your deck that you wish to stay clean, we ask that you either cover them with plastic or remove them from the deck area. We are more than happy to help you do this. (Don’t worry – we like to maintain a clean, safe and friendly working environment no matter how much demolition is involved.)

Expect To Have a Drained Pool For Up To Two Weeks

Each project is unique, and the time will vary. The weather also plays a significant role in scheduling. We work efficiently and would like to have your pool up and running as soon as possible, but we will never compromise the quality of our work!

The Pools Surface Can Look Different at Night Due To Illumination Differences

Sunlight is much stronger than your pool light, and pool lights generally will give some shadowing appearance. This is normal, and there is nothing wrong with the surface. (If you feel there is a problem, you can always give us a call)

Expect To Have The Best Customer Service in the Industry

We strive for quality and customer satisfaction at J T’s Custom Pools, Inc. Communication is the key. If you have any questions or concerns, never hesitate to call us. Remember – there are no dumb questions except the ones you don’t ask!



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