Troubleshooting Common Pool Problems in Florida

Troubleshooting Common Pool Problems in Florida

Common Pool Problems in Florida with Troubleshooting Tips

Living in the Sunshine State means enjoying sunny days by the pool. But Florida's hot, humid climate can cause issues with pool maintenance. If you notice problems like cloudy water, algae growth, or equipment malfunctions, don't panic. JT's Custom Pools has years of experience troubleshooting and fixing pool problems for homeowners across Port Charlotte, Bradenton, Venice, Sarasota, North Port, Punta Gorda, Englewood and beyond.

Below, we list a few common pool problems and how we troubleshoot them.

Cloudy, Hazy Water

Cloudy or hazy pool water is one of the most common complaints we get calls about where troubleshooting is needed. There are a few usual culprits behind unclear water.

  • Imbalanced chemicals - Water clarity suffers if chlorine or pH levels fall out of the ideal range. We test your water and carefully calibrate adjustments to restore proper sanitation and balance.
  • High demand - During hot summer, chemicals must work overtime when the pool gets more use. We can set you up on an ideal maintenance schedule to counteract heavy bather loads.
  • Debris and runoff - Rainstorms wash dirt, leaves, and pollen into the pool. We equip your pool with suitable filters and systems to keep water clean.
  • Algae - Left unchecked, algae can flourish, turning water green. JT's Custom Pools offers a range of effective algaecide treatments.

We can restore sparkling clear water by identifying and addressing the specific cause.

Equipment Issues

From pumps and filters to heaters and cleaners, pool equipment failures can damper your backyard oasis. JT's Custom Pools has expertise with all major brands and models. When something stops working correctly, we leverage our experience to diagnose and fix the problem.

Some common equipment issues we troubleshoot include:

  • Clogged or dirty filters - Regular backwashing and replacements help maximize filtration.
  • Leaking plumbing - We detect and repair leaks to prevent water loss and damage.
  • Malfunctioning pumps - New seals, impellers or motors can get pumps running again.
  • Faulty heaters - From gas controls to flow issues, we troubleshoot heater problems.

JT's Custom Pools performs equipment repairs and replacements when needed, so your pool is always enjoyable.

Water Chemistry Imbalances

Maintaining balanced water chemistry is crucial for pool health and safety. But Florida's climate makes it challenging. Issues like pH fluctuations, total alkalinity problems and chlorine mismanagement are common.

JT's Custom Pools is well-versed in diagnosing and correcting chemical imbalances. We check levels and make precise adjustments to restore proper balance. With regular maintenance visits, we can catch issues before they escalate.

Algae Outbreaks

Warm, humid Florida weather creates an ideal environment for pool algae growth. Green, black, yellow and mustard algae can spread rapidly if not treated quickly. Believe it or not, algae is always present in swimming pools. The problem is they will bloom into visible colonies with poor water circulation and inconsistent water chemistry balance.

At JT's Custom Pools, we have an arsenal of effective algaecides to eradicate algae and stop it in its tracks. We assess the type of algae present and the extent of the spread to customize the right treatment plan. We can defeat algae and protect the pool from future outbreaks with prompt intervention.

Do You Need Troubleshooting Help For You Pool Problems?

For over a decade, JT's Custom Pools has been troubleshooting and solving pool problems for homes across Port Charlotte, Bradenton, Venice, Sarasota, North Port, Punta Gorda, Englewood, Florida and surrounding areas. Whether it's cloudy water, broken and faulty equipment, unbalanced chemicals or a bad case of algae, we have the experience and solutions to bring your pool water back to a pristine sparkling condition.

Contact us today for quality pool service and repairs you can count on!

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