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Punta Gorda FL Pool Services Provided by JT's Custom Pools

JT's Custom Pools makes it easy to keep your Punta Gorda, Florida pool sparkling clean and well-maintained. As a locally owned Punta Gorda FL pool services company JT's Custom Pools has been serving parts of Charlotte County for decades, earning a sterling reputation for providing superior pool services customized to each customer’s needs.

Punta Gorda FL Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

Consistent pool cleaning and maintenance are crucial for keeping your Punta Gorda pool pristine. JT's offers one-time, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning plans to fit your schedule and budget. The team arrives on time and works diligently to remove debris, brush pool surfaces, test and balance chemicals, and clean the pool tile and deck area. Efficient filter cleanings and replacements are done as needed to keep your pool operating at peak performance. At the same time, eco-friendly chemicals and cutting-edge technology, such as robotic cleaners, provide efficient service.

In addition to regular cleaning, JT's offers detailed cleaning before significant events like parties or holidays. The staff can scrub tile lines, polish fixtures, and vacuum the entire pool to give it that "like new" look for your guests.

Below, we list Punta Gorda FL pool services typically performed during an in-ground pool cleaning.

  • Removing debris like leaves, bugs, and dirt from the pool's surface and bottom
  • Brushing pool walls, steps, and floor to loosen any clinging debris
  • Vacuuming the entire pool, including stairs and corners, to lift settled debris from the bottom
  • Cleaning tile surfaces with brush and tile soap to remove stains and scale buildup
  • Testing and balancing chemicals like chlorine, pH, and alkalinity
  • Adding chemicals or water as needed to maintain proper levels
  • Skimming the water surface to remove floating leaves and other debris
  • Emptying pump and skimmer baskets of collected debris
  • Inspecting equipment like filters, pumps, and motors for proper functioning
  • Wiping down deck surfaces surrounding the pool
  • Straightening any deck furniture or accessories
  • Providing a report on the pool's current condition and any recommendations

With JT’s Custom Pools, you can relax and enjoy more time by your pool, knowing your swimming pool is in excellent hands.

Punta Gorda FL Pool Repairs

For pool repairs, there is no job too big or too small for JT's Custom Pools. From minor leak detection and patching to full-scale renovations like resurfacing and remodeling, the pool repair and renovation team has the experience and expertise to fix any issue.

JT's is up to date on the latest pool technology and standards to ensure repairs meet all safety codes. If your pool needs an equipment upgrade, lighting installation, deck repair, or any other pool repair and renovation, you can rely on JT's quality craft.

Below, we list various standard Punta Gorda FL Ppool services that require pool repairs.

  • Patching or sealing leaks - may require draining the pool to repair cracks or holes in the plaster, tile, or gunite shell.
  • Resurfacing - etching and applying new tile or pebble finish to rejuvenate an older pool surface.
  • Tile replacement - may involve chipping out old cracked or damaged tiles and installing new decorative tiles.
  • Deck repairs - fixing cracked, settling, or buckling concrete pool decks
  • Coping stone replacement - removing old stones and installing new bullnose coping around the pool perimeter
  • Plaster repairs - patching and resurfacing small sections of damaged plaster
  • Underground plumbing repairs - addressing cracks or leaks in supply lines, main drains, return jets or pipes
  • Pump, filter or motor repairs - may require parts replacements or full unit swaps
  • Drain and skimmer replacement or repair
  • Heater repairs - may involve troubleshooting control panel issues or heat exchanger replacements
  • Salt cell replacements - for saltwater chlorine generator systems
  • Automation system repairs - addressing malfunctioning controllers, sensors, or switches

Keep Your Punta Gorda Pool Sparkling with JT's Punta Gorda Fl Pool Services

When you choose JT's Custom Pools for your Punta Gorda FL pool services in Charlotte County, you can expect honesty, reliability, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Scheduling services, asking questions, and handling billing are easy with the friendly office staff.

Contact JT's today for a free consultation and quote customized to your Punta Gorda Fl pool services needs. Keep your pool pristine year-round with Punta Gorda's leading cleaning, maintenance, and repair provider.

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