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For Those Who Want To Bring Their Lakewood Ranch Florida lifestyle to the Next Level

The sunny skies and palm trees swaying in the breeze paint a picture of paradise in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. Families spend their days filled with barbeques, golf outings, and trips to the pristine beaches nearby.

To an outsider, the residents of this master-planned community have it all – beautiful homes with manicured lawns, access to top-notch amenities like restaurants and shops just around the corner, and long afternoons spent boating or fishing on the many local waterways.

However, some residents want more out of life in this suburban utopia. As they lounge poolside at the community clubhouse, they gaze longingly at the shimmering aqua tiles of the bottom of the pool, imagining an inground pool behind their home where they could swim at their leisure without the crowds.

An in-ground pool becomes their symbol of fully living the Lakewood Ranch lifestyle. They clip magazine photos of backyard oases and sketch out plans on cocktail napkins, dreaming of the day they’ll they will be lounging with a book and cocktail in hand in their new backyard resort.

Benefits of Choosing JT's Custom Pools as Your Lakewood Ranch Fl Pool Builders, Designers and Installers


For many Lakewood Ranch residents, JT’s Custom Pools makes their backyard pool dreams a reality. As a premier pool builder serving the Lakewood Ranch area, JT’s has extensive experience constructing custom inground pools to match their clients’ visions.

Whether clients want a sophisticated pool with hand-laid tile and intricate rock features or a playful pool with slides and fountains for the kids, JT’s expert team handles every detail from initial design to project completion.

At JT’s, clients get to see their dream pool come to life and enjoy the process with the builder’s consultative approach. From the moment clients first sit down with the Lakewood Ranch FL pool builders representative and walk through ideas to the day the glittering new inground pool is unveiled, JT’s Custom Pools makes backyard oases uniquely theirs, allowing Lakewood Ranch residents to live the lifestyle they desire genuinely.

3D Pool Designs

One of the most exciting parts of designing a custom pool is seeing the initial vision come to life. Our Lakewood Ranch, FL, pool designers use state-of-the-art 3D imaging technology to provide photo-realistic renderings of clients’ future backyard oases.

After discussing the desires for shape, spa placement, water features, and more, JT’s designers create a 3D model. Clients are amazed when they see their dreams transformed into a detailed virtual representation of the future pool, allowing them to visualize how the space and layout will feel.

With the ability to view the design from all angles and make tweaks along the way, JT’s 3D design process enables Lakewood Ranch, Florida, homeowners to customize their poolscape before construction fully starts. This innovative approach takes the guesswork out of custom pool projects so clients can swan dive into their new pools confidently once the project is complete.


Transforming a backyard into a custom oasis is a major endeavor, but JT’s Custom Pools simplifies the installation process for their Lakewood Ranch clients. With years of experience constructing inground pools in the Florida climate, JT’s expert team oversees the project from excavation to final fill with minimal disruption to homeowners’ day-to-day routines.

Our crew takes care to protect existing landscaping and keeps noise and dust to a minimum. In a short time, we will break ground and have the steel-reinforced shell fully formed and ready for finishes. As the pool installation process continues, we coordinate our electricians, plumbers, tile setters, and inspectors so clients can relax knowing their backyard resort is on schedule.

From start to finish, JT’s installation team communicates every step of the way so Lakewood Ranch, FL, homeowners can anticipate the moment they’ll be diving into their new custom pool.

Lakewood Ranch FL Pool Builders Building Long Lasting Relationships

The JT’s Custom Pools team recognizes that completing a new inground pool is just the beginning of homeowners’ backyard enjoyment. We strive to build lasting relationships with our clients long after installation. We offer one-day, weekly, bi-weekly or special scheduling pool cleaning and maintenance services to keep each custom pool looking as pristine as the day it was filled.

Our pool cleaning and maintenance crew carefully tests and balances chemicals and brushes the pool surfaces to prevent algae buildup. For total peace of mind, JT’s also provides repair services for pool equipment like pumps and filters to minimize downtime.

Lakewood Ranch homeowners can rely on the same experts who built their custom oasis to care for it year after year. With JT’s Custom Pools handling all the upkeep, clients can simply relax poolside and enjoy their new backyard resort.

"We build each pool as if it were our own."

Jason Tari - President

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